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Household Appliances, Washing Machines

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Beko washing machine wont spin?

My Beko washing machine wont spin,model WM1512S serial no. 02 109752.12.Motor brushes are fine as is the belt, I have removed the pump and cleaned it, including parting the body halves,no real issues there.The machine wont spin at all,it washes, and pumps out,but at each of the 3 spin cyles the programmer just stops for a bit and then clicks past,without the drum turning at all,washing, heating, filling, emptying,rinseing are all fine, but the machine seems to just "miss" the spin cycle.Any idedeas and help would be much apreciated,

CLEM     February 2008
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Beko wm7147w stops after filling up. No movement in drum

Jo     June 2016

i have a beko wme7247w on the led screen the start feature just keeps flashing how would i reset it aby help would be appreciated thanks

martin     September 2015
I have a beko washing machine model no wme8227b, its showing 00:14 on display and wont do anything, anybody have any ideas how to fix

ken jenkins     August 2015
my beko wme8227w has died, the digital display still lit up but wont aknowledge what im telling it. It made a funny metal like noise mid cycle so I paused it. Now it wont un pause. Kids school uniform in it, full of water. Tried un plugging and starting again but it just goes back to the same paused screen?????? Please someone help x

Yvette     March 2015
Good evening, I have a beko wme8227 washing machine - fills with water but drum fails to move on any wash cycle, after 15mins water drains out - also same with spin cycle - drum don't move

Simon B     December 2014
The electronic display on my Beko 6kg 1500 rpm washing machine reads 'C on' and it won't wash or do anything. Turning the wash dial does change the washing time but it will not start a wash cycle. DoesDoDoes anyone know that the display means and if it can be fixed by a total ameture or at all


Zoe     October 2014
i followed the reset suggested by matt from 2008. it worked a treat ! cheers.

paul....     May 2014
My beko AAclass 1400rpm won't spin.
It has been working fine till the other day.
It's making a wining kind of noise when the drum
Goes round but it's not wanting to Go into a fast spin mode.
The water pump at the filter seems to me working fine and I could see it turning.
Any suggestions? Cheers

Matt brogs     December 2013
I've followed all the steps given to try and get my Beko WM5100W working again. Nothing seems to be working.
Even the self test is weird. It goes straight into fast spin, but doesn't progress any further.
Very strange, and can't afford to replace it.
Any help would be gratefully received.

Paul     October 2013
Hey guys I see some of you are having the same issues as I am with my washing machine. It seems to start, fills up with water in two short spurts, and then freezes. Nothing happens after this. I have tried the reset and it doesn't seem to be working :( is there anything else I can try please as I really don't have the funds for a new washing machine at the minute. Thanks in advance.

Stacey     September 2013
Beko WMB 71642 S washing machine, 6 months old stops during cycle will not rinse or spin. Any help would be great because I hate dirty washing lying about the house. Yuck.

Lainy     May 2013
Hi, my machinenkeeps filling up with water then stops, copletely freezes, at one point it was freezing but now nothing, still full of water, darent open the door, hope you can help x

Becci     March 2013
I have a wm 5014 s Beko and it won't drain/ spin, any advice?

bett     December 2012
Thank you Matt.
the reset worked perfectly.

harry     December 2012
Followed the advice and directions given by Big G and Swukjay, and these were perfect. IN this instance it was two burnt out places on the pcb and a careful bridge of solder has fixed the problem. A replacement is available from ukwhitegoodsltd for under £20 carriage paid

Dave     November 2012
Well THANK YOU CK if you ever do come back to check if anyone has taken any notice. My Beko not shown in the list above had similar problems. It just did not spin in mid-wash, and had 2mins on timer then went to 28 mins!!! I normally do the 30mins wash. So I followed the start/cancel/Pause button instruction but that did not work so got ex to remove the clips attached to the front panel waited a few 15mins and it still did not work, tried 3 times and it WORKED now washing blouses for work. Ex showed me what to do and left me to it.

Sandie in London     October 2012
Hi All,

I have a Beko WME8227W, today it has just decided it's not going to spin, so I have run Matt's reset on it, but when I hold down the power on button I get a code 8352 which allows me to run through some tests on the machine. These all work fine, but when i go back to using the machine normally it still wont spin! Any ideas please?


Dave Meadows     September 2012
Matt - December 2008 - Genius!!!! Please try this, it works! Thank you so much Matt!

Kate     June 2012
My becko wme7227s when you turn it on on any wash it will part fill with water then just stop and do any thing else. I have checked the filter , pump and is all clear can you help?

Wayne     April 2012
sorry: forgot to add, here's a link to to the picture of the unit. just check it against your own.

list of the compatible machines.

beko wm7127w
beko wm7147s (7167681100)
beko wm7147w
beko wm7335w
beko wm7355s
beko wm8127s
beko wm8127w
beko wma665s
beko wma665w
beko wma667w
beko wma727s
beko wma727w
beko wma745s
beko wma745w
beko wma747s
beko wma747w
beko wma765s
beko wma765w
beko wma767s
beko wmb91242lb
beko wmb91242lc
beko wme7227s-1
beko wme7227w
beko wme7247s
beko wme7247w
beko wme7267s
beko wme7267w
beko wme8227b-1
beko wme8227s-1
beko wme8227w-1

Big G     April 2012
BEKO WME8227 & A LOT MORE MODELS. Our machine wouldn't spin. Tried all the fixes, until I took off the DC unit. Sure enough, 2 of the tracks were 'broken'. Bridged the gap with some solder and off she went. I think I can link to the unit that caused the problem. You can input your model and it will tell you if it's compatible. The problem module is on the top right hand side, about 8 to 10 inches in. Hope this helps.

Big G.     April 2012
same problem - 1st time m/c reset using Matts instructions 2nd time wouldn't , noticed water trapped in drum so drained a little water out via filter cover
( front of m/c bottom right ) .
turned power back on m/c ready light came on
and m/c would then run , let it finish its cycle removed filter cover and removed debris ( coin , button + safety pin in this case ).

Andy     May 2011
i had to repeat your fixit twice in succession ,but after that my machine worked a treat, brilliant. i owe you a beer!

steve m     April 2011
also please note that by control board i dont mean the front panel the control board is plainly visible and has a lot of chips on it also do not touch in any way the big silver things ! these are capacitors and they hold one hell of a charge if you very nervous wear rubber glove the board and the wires going to it are low voltage and probably cant give you a shock but DONT TOUCH THOSE BIG CAN CAPACITORS IN ANY WAY OR YOU WILL NOT NEED A PERM FOR ABOUT SIX MONTHS, THEY WONT KILL YOU BUT YOU WONT FORGET THE EXPERIENCE,YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

swukjay     April 2011
for all bekos this is what to do. unplug machine from wall, press the on switch to discharge capacitors the turn the switch back off, remove lid locate control board ususally on the front right of the machine. unplug all wires from the board making sure you know where they go there is about six in total, have a cup of tea and a ciggy wait 15 mins then plug em all back in and voila should be fixed! the reason the reset sometimes fails to work is voltage is retained in the capacitors stopping the chips from resetting kinda like a battery backup doing it this way ensures there is no voltage going to the board and allows it to drain any residual current works for me every time i have to perform the task maybe every 9 months there is a bug in one of the chips on the control board i discovered, hope this helps

swukjay     April 2011
Please help I've tried resetting but it didn't work my washer spins but doesn't do the fast spin I'm a week away from having a baby and really can't afford a new washer please please please help me thank you

Mrs h     March 2011
Just wanted to ask another quick question, does the machine need to be drained before trying Matt's reset? I have used this to fix a problem before but it won't work this time but my machine is still full of water. Any help would be appreciated.

Scott     March 2011
My Beko washing machine wont turn it drains fills thats about all tho have tried re setting but it aint helping any ideas much needed answer as have mountains of washing please help

Leigh     December 2010
thankyou matt! i was just about to put my foot through it. thanks again.

claire     December 2010
Tried the advice from Matt, December 2008 as I didn't fancy paying out for a new machine 12 days from Christmas, and .................... woooo hooooo it worked!! Eternally grateful!!

Ashleigh     December 2010
Maybe there is not enough washing load in to spin, I think they need a minimum amount to spin.

Delboy     October 2010
Thanks for the re-setting info. That worked perfectly. The wee thing is spinning away happily as I type :)

Cat     February 2010
having similar problem, beko machine froze on one minute, not even on a cycle?! with door still locked, managed to reset and all the times went back to normal, thank you so much matt! but door still locked and no cycle is starting? any ideas? its a beko wma 745w. cheers

jen     January 2010
Matt's answer from Dec 2008 worked great for my Beko wm5100w which was spinning once then stopping.

Awesome advice, well played sir!

Denko     December 2009
change brushes if worn down works fine did with min

mick     December 2009
thanks Matt, your advice from nearly a year ago still helping people! We are in France with the french model, 3.5 years old and thought we would have to bin at!! cheers.

Di     November 2009
my beko wash m, wont spin every thing else fine pumps out then just stops it a 7kg aa class 1200 rpm vma727w ive six kiddies and a lot of washing lol debbie

debbie     November 2009
if u select rinse hold and leave it on that mode for a couple of hours on a cycle then turn it to spin.. it will spin full speed..! works for my wma510.

dan     June 2009
Matt you are a star - I can not believe it - I did what you said and it worked - fabulous -thank you so much.

Pauline     March 2009
Turn power button off (not at wall)
Select 90 degree wash
Press Start and Cancel button down at same time for 3 seconds and turn power button on whilst still holding buttons down - Start light will flash.
Leave power on.
Select any Spin position.
Press Start and Cancel button at same time again for 3 seconds - other buttons may start to flash - if they do, press Start and Cancel button together again for 3 seconds.
Machine should be re-set ready for use.

matt     December 2008
This is a real problem for this model. The reset instructions aren't here - can someone help at all please?

Lee     September 2008
thanks for the help, however the machine still wont spin,I dont have a start/pause/cancel button so the restting instructions are not quite correct.I have removed the tacho sensor (if that is the stainless stud in a rubber bung ,alongside the heater element conns,and checked the spade terminals and cleaned the stud.No difference, it still wont spin, it has changed, and the programmer dial now sometimes stops altogether at the spin cycles, either A,B,or C.It wont spin if a spin only cycle is slected, but the machine,will,fill,heat, wash and reciprocate, and pump out if drain (D) is selected.dissapointing for a 3 year old machine,they are so cheap these days, you cant even afford to get a service man out one time.

CLEM     March 2008
only other thing i can think of is a faulty motor drive module? also check motor tacho coil and connections.
Check out this site for spares :
Check out this site for info:

dan     February 2008
does the motor turn on the wash cycle?.Select spin and see if it spins with no clothes in drum.

select 90deg cotton program. press and hold start/pause/cancel button whilst switching on using the machines on/off switch.start /pause/cancel should be press start/pause/cancel and each time you press it does another function.switch off and on to come out of test.

ck     February 2008
I had the same problem it was something to do with resetting the machine only problem is I dont know what site I read it on, but it worked fine, mine is now doin same again and I cant find site

Nigel     February 2008
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