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Household Appliances, Washing Machines

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How do I stop the key symbol flashing on my Bosch Exxcel Washing Machine?

The washing machine (Bosch Exxcel 1200 Express) will not work, despite changing programmes, all I get is the key symbol flashing. Please help. Thanks.

Rachael, East Yorkshire     June 2009
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Oh my gosh, I thought this was going to be another expensive call out for engineer. Having kitchen done up at moment, came home Sunday afternoon to find tumble dryer not working, our kitchen fitter said he was pressing all kinds of buttons...why, I don't know. He's a big, burly guy and I thought he'd been a bit heavy handed and forced the door open. What a relief to find the machine is now working, after following the advice to press start buttone for 10 seconds... have a bit of a pile up of laundry to get done, partner will get that done today

Karen     April 2019

Thank you very much! You just helped me too. The first time ever the internet has been so useful!!!

FelicityA     March 2018
Followed the suggestion to press start button for 10 seconds and it worked like magic.

Joanne     September 2017
Worked for me, now to work out if it caused the power trip or was caused by the power trip?

Paul     August 2017
Brilliant - worked for me as well! Thank you!

G     August 2017
Thanks for this - without this I would have called out an engineer!

Carolyn     June 2017
Legend! Thank so much - as easy as that!

Kaine     June 2017
press the start button for 10 sec

bob     June 2017
Thanks was panicking for a minit there but held the start button and hey presto it works =)

Leah     May 2017
10 seconds held worked for me. Thankyou!

Gary     May 2017
Thank you so much the key symbol and 800 were flashing on my Bosch abs would've work held the start button fir 10 seconds had come on a treat thank you so much

Vanessa     January 2017
Worked for me, thanks very much for the tip

A reader     January 2017
Thank you holding the start button in for ten seconds reset the machine and it works just fine.

mr Viv     November 2016
i had a key symbol showing on my machine so tried holding button down and it worked thanks so much

AMD     November 2016
Held down start button for about 10 secs with programme chosen door open. Worked perfectly! Thanks so much, everyone. Thank God for the internet!

Jane     October 2016
Oh thanks a lot ...i had sam problem and i read all thread ...i pressed the start button for 10 sec and happy day mashine is bosch avantixx 7

Irena     September 2016
Thanks the start button method really worked it unlocked the washing machine.

Pnm     September 2016
I'm trying to do what you guys say but the key still remains there and there is a F:16 flashing on the panel after I hold the start and timer buttom for more than 30 seconds

Hugo     September 2016
Holding down the start button for 10 seconds worked fantastically!

Thanks Peter

Aldo     September 2016
holding down the play/ pause button for 10 seconds worked for me too... thanks so much! x

peter     August 2016
Tried the timer button- didnt work- went through all the other buttons still didnt work- so then I tried holding the start button down (even though it bleeped) for 10 seconds and hey presto it works!

Jo     August 2016
Ahhhh thank The Lord for the internet! Thank you everyone, problem solved!! Whoop

T     August 2016
Holding the timer key down for about 5 seconds worked on my Bosch 7/4 Washer Dryer. Thanks!

MJH     August 2016
Brilliant thank goodness for this thread the holding down of start and timer button worked for me also!
thanks loads :) now back off to my loads of washing!

Nik G     July 2016
I have same problem flashing key on my Bosch washing + dryer logix 7/4. Flashing key i have called engineer he didn't come. try Bosch website techician asking for £27.00 then I have seen this answer great help I press START AND TIME together keeping door open. Bingo its work. now is fixed saved my £75. thanks great. Sham

Sham     July 2016
i have a 6 series washer-dryer from bosch and the only thing that worked for me was to hold the spin(rpm)&time(finised in) for 5-10 seconds. good luck

Chris     June 2016
Wonderful! My machine was stuck on the Rinse Plus setting. Tried turning it off and on at the wall - nothing. Then held start button down for about ten seconds with the door open and everything went back to normal. Thanks!

Suzyboots     June 2016
Pressing time and start together for several seconds worked for me. I'm immensely grateful for this website, otherwise I'd have been stuck with a load of wet washing over a bank holiday weekend.

Joe B     May 2016
Thank Godi!
Your instructions worked for Colin and I
Many thanks
Rosie 28/4/16

Rosie and Colin from Richmond     April 2016
Thank you it worked .. almost giving up

ana dos santos     April 2016
Had to set on the same program, then press timer button for 5 sec, and it unlocked.

Inga     April 2016
Thank you so much , just held the START button for awhile and worked first time . Xxxxxxxxxx

Deborah     November 2015
The internet is fantastic, yes it worked for me as well. Door open and press the start/reload button for a few seconds - success x

Linda     November 2015
Press starter and time symbol for about 15 seconds worked for me too.

Maureen     October 2015
Many thanks - Bosch Exxcel 7 washing machine - what worked for me after attempting the hold timer and on/off several times without success - with door open and closed:

was to just keep my finger on the on/off only for a few seconds. Then and only then did the lock symbol disappear. (Door open - if that helps.)

Blanche     September 2015
I went through every programme and held the timer button down each time and just as I was about to give up and call someone ... Bingo . Thanks for the comment thread here

Kaleem     July 2015
Press timer and start button together for 10 to 15 secs to clear flashing key. Thanks for advice so relieved

Nicky     April 2015
The start button didn't work for me but pressing and holding the timer button did!

Dave     February 2015
Mine had a different solution. It could only be unlocked if the program dial was set to the same setting as when the lock was engaged. The key flashes when the dial is on the wrong setting, so what I had to do was turn it to each program until the light stopped flashing and remained constant. I then had to press and hold for several seconds the "Finish In" timer button which has the symbol of a clock showing 3 O'clock. The lock is then disengaged.

Godi     February 2015
I had the same problem and tried all of the above to no avail. However, I noticed that the number two was also showing on the panel so I put the dial onto programme 2, held the start and timer butting down for 10 secs and hey presto. Thanks for all the tips. Brilliant.

Mary-Jane     January 2015
Excellent ,many many thanks for the great tip. I pressed the start button for about 10-12 sec and presto !
Note: Both key and wash icon were blinking with three beeps.

Dinu UK     October 2014
Thank guys.... It worked for me

Samster     August 2014
I don't know if like me you have confused a thermometer button for a key? You just hold the start button for a good few seconds - that will work.

Lee     May 2014
Pressed the. Startbutton as suggested to no avail,pressed the timer button same outcome,pressed the timer& start button together for 10 secs eureka.Many thanks was looking at£120 to replace the door switch,phew!!

Trevor     April 2014
i did every thing to take the key sign off but still the same

moulin     December 2013
Held the start button in as suggest and presto it worked !!! Thanks to all who posted that solution :)

Gordy 39     July 2013
oh still have the same prob and some times a stops for 1 second and 2 other symbols apeared fan and something else... pls help

wassi     May 2013
Pressing the timer button or the start button alone did not work for me. What did eventually work (after much tearing of hair) was pressing them both together for 10 seconds

Peter     February 2013
worked for me too - thanks so much!

emma     November 2012
do i need reaiper

kumar darji     July 2012
Yep. After several attempts (including giving the door a hell of a thump to make sure closed) I pressed the start button as suggested for 5 to 10 secs and 'eureka'. Yet another happy wife (on Boxing Day) and money saved. (Now I can bet on with my own work.) Thanks to all you people.

Iron Mike     December 2011
I pressed the start button but that didnt work... i then pressed the timer button for about 5secs and it returned to normal :o, Phew!

Vera     February 2011
Great thanks happy wife and saved me an engineer call out...

Simon     January 2011
Made my wife very happy

Roger     November 2010
Worked for me too! I thought I had a real fault, but the press and hold (about 10 seconds) advice worked - phew!!

Geoff     November 2010
yep it worked thanks lads

sue     March 2010
Thanks for the advice on here it worked for me too. I held down the start button for a minute, released it, then pressed it once and the machine started working again!

Bex     November 2009
Great to see this happened to me and followed the advice here hey presto it worked fine thanks to all who offered this advice

Tristram     October 2009
this worked on mine too , select wash , and where we usually have the time come up there was only a zero showing with a little key in the corner.

All we did was hold the start button down and after 5-10seconds. The key symbol disappeared and it was back to normal.

Matt     August 2009
hi - same thing happened to me and machine froze - just hold start button for about 30 seconds (after about 10 there is a beep and the temptation is to release DONT- keep holding it down and it will clear)

mark     June 2009
The child lock may of been activated. Hold down the start button - worked on mine

sharon     June 2009
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